Darkbox Urban R2 coming soon.
Darkbox Urban R2

Darkbox Urban R2

While Darkbox has been offline again for a few months, behind the scene there has been alot of activity.
In the beginning of 2018 Darkbox will release Darkbox Urban R2 - a feature rich website in the Darkbox style as you know (and want) it.

What to expect

  • User registration
  • User roles
  • Dynamic tutorials, downloads, screenshots, plugins, etc
  • Possibility to upload your own tools, screenshots, etc
  • Fully working admin panel (only intresting for me and staff tho)
  • Many more cool stuff

Its a full CMS developed for Darkbox and the scripting scene, it has been in development since september 2017. The release date is yet to be announced, but this cant be said yet.
Its about 75% done but the few task remaining are pretty big. I cannot garantee full responive design (but I will try) since I'm not a front-end designer.

What can you do

While I develop away, gather your best scripting screenshots, downloads and tutorial to submit. I also will be selecting a few members with staff rights who can help manage Urban R2
Also, if you are a front-end designer and your good with Bootstrap 3, Less, Sass or plain CSS, and you want to help me out, please let me know on Discord or Habbo.

Thanks for the wait guys, You wont be dissapointed.
- Squiz

Location: Darkbox Urban